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This is what the first expo in Arab soil offers

One year late, the Expo will open in Dubai on October 1st. One of the most interesting pavilions is likely to be that of Germany, which comes along in the university style.

Visions of the future, sun, warmth and beach: The world exhibition  Expo  opens its gates on October 1st in Dubai and offers pretty much everything that people long for after a year and a half of the pandemic and a summer that wasn’t one.

Due to Corona, the first Expo on Arab soil will take place one year late. Nevertheless, the organizers are hoping for a good 25 million tourists by the end of March 31, 2022. One of the largest, but also most interesting pavilions will probably be that of Germany: As in a university, the visitors go through a short course on sustainability.

Expo shines with technical and optical top performances

It is eagerly awaited which nation will make the most spectacular contribution to the world exhibition. Former Expo organizers have mostly presented top technical and optical achievements. In 1889, for example, Paris was given a new landmark with the Eiffel Tower, Brussels received the Atomium in 1958, Seville impressed in 1992 with the hair-shaped Alamillo Bridge and in Hanover, the world’s largest wooden roof was built for Expo 2000.

A year ago, there was still speculation in Dubai that Tesla inventor Elon Musk would make the race with his Hyperloop. The supposed means of transport of the future is supposed to bring passenger capsules through a tube to their destination at 1,200 kilometers per hour. In terms of air conditioning, the Hyperloop would be a quantum leap. A drive from Hamburg to Rome, for example, would only take an hour and a half.

With an appropriate route network, a significant part of all continental air travel could become superfluous. However, the originally planned test route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was not mentioned recently, only a model of the Hyperloop will probably be exhibited

“Sustainability, Mobility, Opportunities”

Nevertheless, from October 1st, Dubai wants to look into the future with its futuristic-looking, 4.38 square kilometer expo area. “Connecting the thoughts, shaping the future” is the motto of the exhibition, the sub-themes “Sustainability, Mobility, Opportunities” subdivide the exhibition.

Germany has set up its airy pavilion in the sustainability sector of the exhibition grounds. Visitors can enroll in the so-called campus like in a university and watch video lectures on the topics of energy, the city of the future and biodiversity. A final event in the Graduation Hall concludes the “course”. The participants sat on swings and tried to find a common rhythm. The message: If everyone helps together, a lot can be achieved even with small impulses.

Germany expects around 10,000 visitors a day

Germany has built one of the largest exhibition buildings at the Expo. “We are assuming a good 10,000 visitors per day,” says Annika Beisel, the press spokeswoman for the German pavilion: “Most of them will spend a good 45 minutes with us.”

Not every nation, like Germany, is able to invest around 50 million euros, which is why it shows itself with significantly smaller projects. It is therefore all the more remarkable that Baden-Württemberg is the only region besides 192 countries to be represented with its own pavilion. The costs, however, caused discussions in advance and ended up in a committee of inquiry.

Originally, companies in a project company were supposed to provide the financing. In the end, the country had to shoulder the cost increase from three to more than 15 million euros itself. According to the committee’s final report, the Ministry of Economic Affairs was responsible for the financial debacle.

Concerts and presentations are planned every day

The opening ceremony is likely to focus on other topics. After ten years of preparation, the magnificent show with surprise guests from all over the world will take place in the spectacular Al Wasl Plaza. The dome-shaped, architectural work of art with the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface is a breathtaking center of the expo. Concerts and presentations will take place here every day. “Everyone is invited to share their success stories and goals for a brighter and more collaborative future,” says Mohamed Al Ansaari, Vice President of Expo Communications.

Basically, Expo 2021 could start with a large portion of optimism. A year after the postponement, organizers hope the pandemic will not slow them down again. Because the entry requirements are strict due to the increasing number of infections. At the moment, travelers must present a negative PCR test before departure, which is repeated in the country.

The organizers are nevertheless optimistic. Camille Renaudin from the PR team of the world exhibition still hopes that the Expo in Dubai will be the world’s “first major post-Covid event”.

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