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Dubai: 130 wasl units gone in just 45 minutes

Dubai’s real estate is back in the lime-light with investors from across the globe flocking to the market, as economic sentiments continue to improve following the successful handling of the pandemic and vaccination drive.

Taking advantage of the positive trend and mood of the investors, wasl properties has leased out 130 units across its residential portfolio in Dubai in just 45 minutes as part of its promotional drive which coincides with the inauguration of Expo 2020.

Last year, wasl set the previous record by leasing 126 units in six hours.

The wasl leasing campaign, which runs until the end of October, includes 2,000 units from its residential portfolio across Dubai, 300 of which were leased on the first day.

It reflects the growing confidence of customers in the company’s projects, plans, and offers. The campaign witnessed a high turnout of families from other emirates, with two- and three-bedroom units being the most in demand on the first day of the campaign.

One-year lease agreements will entail a Dh5,000 discount with 12 monthly installments, zero per cent commission fees and security deposits, as well as a one-month grace period. Moreover, a two-year lease contract will entail the same offer but with 24 monthly instalments, and a three-month grace period.

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